Anne Arundel Medical Center; Annapolis, MD

I am delighted to endorse doing business with Matt and Melanie Greskovich.  They have been coming to Anne Arundel Medical Center for over 15 years, bringing their Books Are Fun and Collective Goods fundraising events two times a year.

I have personally spearheaded their events for the last seven years as President, and current Vice President of the Auxiliary.  I have worked with other vendors as well and, I have to say, it has been a pleasure working with Matt & Melanie.  They have always been reliable and easy to work with.  They are kind and helpful to customers, as well as to the volunteers who work with them.  Everyone looks forward to their event!

As for the fundraising aspect, their events have raised over $50,000 for Anne Arundel Medical Center, helping contribute to the Auxiliary's Annual Pledge donations.

We are grateful for their efforts and contributions and look forward to working with Matt and Melanie for years to come.


June Caudill

Auxiliary Vice President of Clinical Services
Anne Arundel Medical Center
2001 Medical Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401