Uploading Art & Logo Guidelines

  • Accepted file formats are .png, .jpg, .eps, or any high resolution image.
  • A high resolution, black & white version of your logo is needed; no gray scale or shading.
  • Please do not upload photographs; logos and vector art are preferred. 
  • Logos/black lines will appear in stainless steel. See example below.

 TIP: Looking for a specific image?

Google "FREE VECTOR ART (insert subject here)".
Remember to look for the following:
      • Black & white images only!
      • Simple, bold images;
      • Minimum 200 pixels X 200 pixels;
      • No shading or elaborate detail.
ACCEPTABLE: Free Vector Art Pineapple 
The pineapple on top is simple, bold, and black & white.
The pineapple on the bottom is detailed and though it appears black & white, it is shaded with gray tones. That shading will not appear on the engraved image.

Your image will be on a white background, as seen in the photo below:
Example of uploading a logo on the The Personalization Station's Personalizer
The white square around your downloaded image will disappear and NOT be engraved on your gift. ONLY the black lines will be engraved and will appear as seen in the examples below.

Examples of how art/logos will look engraved:


Personalization Station Logo      PS Logo engraved Navy 20 oz. Polar Camel Tumbler

   Personalization Station Double Circle Logo         


PLEASE NOTE: Any custom order with profane or lewd content, or copyright infringement, is subject to cancellation.