Instructions for Customizing Your Drinkware

As you know, our "PS Customizer" is currently under development; so in the meantime we are going to take care of you "old school" style -- email.

After you place your order, we will email you a form that you will fill out with the following information:

Item Purchased: (e.g. 20 oz. Pilsner)
Color: (this is only important when ordering multiples)
Text: (e.g. Happy Father's Day!)
Font: Choice (e.g. #8 Pacifico)
Artwork or logo associated with Item Purchased (please see our guidelines page) and you will email us the artwork or logo.
We will email you a proof of each customized design and we will not engrave your gifts until we hear back from you and get your approval on each design.
Thank you for your patience!